Aylesbury Surrounding Area Radius Covered



All enquiries please contact us
on any of the following:

t. 01296 747723
f. 01296 747723
m. 07889 965629
e. enquiries@annajohnson.co.uk

Radius Covered

Commonly Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire in a 50 mile radius of Aylesbury. We will also touch into Northamptonshire, Middlesex and Hampshire.

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• Take a history of your animal

• Do a full gait analysis: ideally on a
hard level surface

• Assess the animal stationary in a
level/ square posture

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Chartered Physiotherapists work with veterinary approval to ensure adequate protection of the animal at all times.

For all clients the practice gains permission from your veterinary surgeon prior to your first appointment.